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LikeHack is an information diet tool that removes the junk from your Facebook and Twitter feed and makes them worth reading.

LikeHack is a content productivity tool that tames the flood of information you receive every day from your social feeds and favorite blogs.

Unlike other social aggregators or news recommendation services, LikeHack offers actual personalized curation and management of your flood of incoming information, including full-text search of all the links you've seen, liked or shared.

The average active information consumer receives 284 pieces of content a day, spends about 2 hours identifying the things worth reading, and reads no more than 10 links a day, according to our study of over 3 million social accounts.

The only question is, what’s greater—the time wasted or the frustration that results?

LikeHack eliminates both wasted time and frustration

  • It aggregates all the content from your social feeds (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, RSS).
  • It curates your content daily to identify 30+ must-read links, based on your personal history and StumbleUpon-like collaborative filtering.
  • It makes all links and the content behind them searchable, essentially creating your own personal Google.

LikeHack's mission is to save its users at least one hour a day by reducing the time they waste scrolling through boring and useless content in their social feeds.

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It’s an intriguing way of separating the social sphere. For those of us who use social media for conversation but have less time to browse links, this is a good way of tucking those bits and pieces away to return to when there is more time for consumption.

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LikeHack is a personalized news delivery service, and before you tell me that there are so many solutions on the market already, look at this one, because it is simple and makes sense.

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But maybe it is time to make a change? Major news stories surface naturally through social media streams like Facebook and Twitter and Likehack filters out the noise to provide a digest of interesting stories based on your typical sharing history.

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LikeHack is an easy to use tool that helps save you time by aggregating, curating and delivering the top stories on your topics of interest.

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LikeHack have got BBB rating as 1 of top 50 Russian startups to invest in.

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