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What is LikeHack?

LikeHack is an efficient way to read your social news


  • Aggregates content from your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds, as well as your favorite blogs;
  • Makes all stories and links—including every link you’ve ever liked, shared, tweeted, or emailed—searchable by link content;
  • Highlights all your must-read content of the day, filtering it by using the feeds of people who like the same links as you.

Think of LikeHack as a:

  • Stumbleupon for your social news;
  • Personalized Google Reader for your social feeds;
  • Personal content curation service & personal search engine.

Why LikeHack?

  • If you're someone who gets their daily news from their social feeds, using LikeHack can save you about an hour per day. Simply check LikeHack to find the best news content and stories from your feeds each day. Now, when you log in to Facebook or Twitter, you can just check your messages or post personal updates, without wasting time scrolling through the clutter in your news feed;
  • LikeHack makes all your personal content effortlessly searchable. You can find any link you’ve seen, liked, shared, tweeted or emailed with just one click! There’s no need to bookmark each page and organize your personal collection of links—LikeHack does it for you;
  • So, if you want stay in the loop and still be productive, check LikeHack in the morning or evening and get only the most relevant stories in ten minutes instead of spending hours scrolling through junk content.

To save even more time, try our Chrome extension or email delivery feature!

Is it easy to use?

Easy as pie! Just connect all your favorite content sources - Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, favorite blogs - to LikeHack, and we'll do the rest for you!

We‘ll extract links from your feeds, aggregate them, index them to make them searchable, explore your likes and interests using your sharing history, find personal content curators who like the same things as you, then personalize and filter your feed, getting rid of everything that's boring, irrelevant and just plain useless. That's a lot of work—for us, not you.

You get to sit back and enjoy reading the top 10-20% of the best stories from your feeds, every day. And rest assured that you can always easily find any one of your links again through LikeHack if you need it later.

You can get your curated content delivered via email, our web app, Chrome extension, or straight to your Wordpress blog. (Mobile apps coming soon!)

How does LikeHack work?

Really ****ing well.

After you connect your social network accounts and favorite blogs, LikeHack goes to work:

  1. It starts by extracting all the links from your feeds. For example, when LikeHack sees a tweet like “WOW! t.co/blabla,” it visits the link, analyzes it, then returns to the original link and checks whether you’ve seen or shared this content before. If you have, it doesn't show you the link again. After all, we want to save you time, not spam you with re-tweets and re-posts;
  2. Next, it pulls the link's title and description. “WOW!” or "OMG check it out" doesn't exactly tell you very much about the link's content. In order to save you time, LikeHack extracts information about all your links to help you decide which ones are worth clicking on. Again, we want to avoid spamming you with useless junk, duplicate stories and other things you won't enjoy;
  3. Finally, LikeHack indexes all the content behind the link. After all, you might need to find this link later. Maybe the link has info you’re going to urgently need in a week's time, and you'll want to find it ASAP. That's why we index the content behind links—to make them easier to find. Just one more way for us to save you time and help you avoid—you guessed it—spam, junk content, duplicate stories and other crap you don't need or want.

So, now that LikeHack has all this content from your feeds, how does it decide what you’ll find worth reading?

This is where the magic really starts.

LikeHack doesn't just show you the most popular content. You are not a crowd; you have unique personal interests. And we want to cater to those interests, not treat you like a nameless, faceless consumer.

And we want to cater to those interests, not treat you as a nameless faceless consumer.

So how do we do this? Do we use super-clever algorithms to rate content the way you would? What? That’s impossible, you say? Well, yes—it is impossible. After all, algorithms aren’t people. We're not going to bullshit you and claim we've invented a way to read your mind. We don’t use algorithms—we use something far more reliable.

So how does LikeHack give you the content you want if we don’t have a genius mind-reading algorithm? By using real people to curate content for you.

Simply put, LikeHack finds people that have liked the same links from same sites as you have. When they like something which appears in your feeds, LikeHack interprets that as a sign that you’ll probably like it, too. It’s math, sure, but it uses human-powered content recommendations.

That's why it works: LikeHack filters your content and highlights must-read material based on the opinions of real people who share your interests.

You can always access a list of every single link from your feeds, but you don’t need to. LikeHack continuously stays up-to-date on your likes and interests. You don’t need to keep telling us what you like; we do all that boring stuff ourselves to make your life easier.


Because we care.

(We know, it's a real tear-jerker.)

How do I get LikeHack?

By signing up, of course. Once you do, you’ll see our welcome page where you can connect your various social accounts and content sources to LikeHack.

First, take a couple of seconds to think about which social networks you check on a daily basis.

It's probably going to be Facebook, Twitter, and 3-10 other favorite sites and blogs.

Remember, the more of your favorite content feeds you connect to LikeHack, the easier it will make your life. Reading all those feeds from top to bottom every day eats into your precious time. Think about it: of all the stories you scroll through, how many do you actually read each day? Ten? Fifteen? That means 90% of what you scroll through in each news feed is basically a waste of time.

Second, think about how you usually share content you like. Do you do it via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail? Connect the accounts you use most often to share interesting content—stuff that you’ll probably want to be searchable most of all.

Don’t be afraid to connect every account you have. LikeHack will deal with all the information for you. The more you give, the more you'll get.

And that’s it. LikeHack will then start analyzing and indexing everything for you. When it's done, we’ll let you know.

Which information streams can I curate?

You can add all incoming content from:

  • your Facebook news feed;
  • your Twitter feed;
  • everything you follow on Google Reader (all the feeds can be imported with one click);
  • any site or blog that supports RSS.

You can also add the services you use to save and share content in order to make your favorite links searchable:

  • Facebook timeline (added automatically if you’ve already connected your Facebook account);
  • Twitter timeline (added automatically if you’ve already connected your Twitter account);

How will LikeHack save me time?

Like we said, LikeHack can help you save approximately an hour of pointless scrolling each day.

Reclaim your extra hour in three easy steps:

  1. Connect all the information sources and feeds you check every day to LifeHack;
  2. Choose how you’d like to get the day’s best stories delivered (web app, email, Chrome extension) on the Settings page;
  3. Start transforming your surfing habits. Before going to a blog and wasting twenty minutes, check LikeHack for updates first. The same goes for Twitter and Facebook. We suggest you do this in the morning and in the evening. You’ll notice that you’ve already seen the links to the best stories on LikeHack. With that out of the way, you can use Twitter and Facebook for personal communication only, rather than wasting time scrolling through useless content.

And when you find yourself trying to remember where you saw that link you need right now, you can just search for it in LikeHack!

To get quick access to your personal search and add any page to your Favorites with one click, try our Chrome extension.

Technical issues

Does LikeHack have any limitations?

We have limits for free plan - you see only 9 handpicked stories a day and in Favorites we store only your shares for last month.

Other limits are only about technical issues:

  1. LikeHack doesn’t aggregate posts or tweets themselves; it aggregates content. For example, if your friend tweets, “That was an awesome party. Has anyone seen my pants?”, LikeHack won’t import the tweet, because it doesn’t consider it to contain useful content;
  2. When you first connect to Twitter, LikeHack will store your last 3,200 tweets. This is a Twitter restriction, not ours—it’s simply impossible to store anything beyond this number;
  3. Any link that you like or share on Facebook will be stored in your Favorites in LikeHack. Please note that we don't use Facebook content like your friend's photos or their status updates—only links to third-party websites

How do I change my notification e-mail address?

Go to your Profile page and find the notification email field at the top. Type in the new email address you’d like to use for LikeHack notifications and click “Ok.”

How to delete my account?

We hope you won't, to be honest. But if you're absolutely set on it, we won’t stand in your way (though we’ll still be sad to see you go). Remember: deleting your account means that we’ll delete all your data. To do this, go to your Profile page and click on the “Delete LikeHack account” link at the bottom. Deleting your data can take up to 24 hours. If you change your mind, you can cancel the process at any time simply by logging in.

How fast will a new link from my social accounts appear in LikeHack?

After your initial importing and indexing is complete, new links will generally take between 1 minute and 1 hour to show up in your LikeHack feed.

If you don’t use LikeHack for a week or more, we’ll start downloading updates to your account only after you log in again, to keep our servers from exploding.

Why am I seeing the message "This social account is already connected by another user"?

Most likely you’ve already connected this social account under a different LikeHack profile, which is why the system thinks you’re a different user. If that’s not the case and you don’t remember connecting this account to LikeHack before under a different profile, please let us know at contact@likehack.com.

Likehack Tools

How does the email digest of top stories work?

Go to the Settings page, check the “Deliver to my inbox” option under "Daily Digest," and set the time when you’d like to receive your daily digest of the best stories from your social feeds.

Your daily digest of top stories will be a list of 10-15 trending stories, recommended by people you trust.

What does the Chrome extension do?

Our Chrome extension delivers your top stories right to your browser. It also shows how many new stories are currently in your inbox, lets you search your content right from the extension, and allows you save any open page to your Favorites with one click.

How do I embed the LikeHack feed into Wordpress?

Simple: just install the LikeHack plugin for Wordpress, get the access token on the Settings page, and add the LikeHack widget to any part of your site using the Wordpress admin panel.

How do I import my Google Reader feeds?

If you’ve already downloaded your Google Reader data from Google Takeout, you just need to do the following:
go to your LikeHack account, click Settings, and upload your archive using the “Migrate from Google Reader” option.

We’ll not only import all your feeds, but also add all the links you starred in Reader to your Favorites.

Common Issues

What about my privacy & security?

LikeHack knows you care about how your personal information is used and shared, and we take your privacy very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

What does LikeHack have in store for the future?

Subscribe to our news, follow us, and be the first to know!

We’re currently focused on improving the curation, sharing and social components of our service. We have lots of ideas already, but we welcome your feedback, too. Please check out our Uservoice forum to make suggestions and vote for features you'd like to see.

Our goal is to become a filter for the web that people can use to avoid information overload and make the most of the time they spend online.

That's nice, but I still have questions

Let us know at contact@likehack.com.

he LikeHack Team is always happy to help, and we’d love to hear what you like and don't like about our service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts!