Best content curation software in 2013

21 Jan
January 21, 2013

With this post, we start the series of articles with review various tools. Because we a startup, we are constantly monitoring our competitors. And recently we thought : “We have much information about various tools and apps, we can share this with our readers!”. But we don’t want be a windbags and therefore add expert opinions and reviews.

Since LikeHack is personal content curator, we certainly start with free content curation software.

Content curation it’s a trend that need no introduction. The more information web community generate the more time, we need to find something. And for us becomes  more comfortable follow not for content creators, but for people who sorted this huge content pile for us. For content curators. Content curation like a trend came at March 2010 and by itself everywhere began to launch tools that facilitate and simplify “content curators” work. curation tool
Share ideas that matter on beautiful topic pages. Cut through the noise on Social Media.

comment from Fancisco Perez, founder of iBlogzone: Is my favorite online content curation tool so far. Can’t thank Ileane of BasicBlogTips enough for introducing me to this awesome tool. Please follow the link to find out more info.

Don’t get lost in the noise. Discover the voices worth sharing.storify curation tool

Storify demo from Burt Herman on Vimeo.

comment from Fancisco Perez, founder of iBlogzone: is a popular curation service. Content can be added either using the bookmarklet to curate content from any public webpage, or you can use the integrated search to add content by simply drag and dropping.

curationsoft curation tool and PageOne Curator
This two tool we present together because they have same use case – created curated blog posts.

comment from Fancisco Perez, founder of iBlogzone:

CurationSoft will empower your marketing efforts as well as giving you equally the possibility of making money promoting and marketing the product.

Elevate the way you curate. A curation mixing board for anything and everything that interests you.
comment from Robin Good: offers everyday web users the ability to discover, create, curate, and share realtime information on any subject — in a filtered and contextual way. Like next-gen RSS.

Your personal content curator.
Certainly we can’t silent about own product. The more that the new version coming soon and we have a great plans in the future. If you  so far don’t know, LikeHack – it’s a personal content curator, that generated feed of links that you and your friends liked or shared in Facebook, Twitter or GMail. You can filter that feed by content type, source of link or keywords.

comment from Jamillah Knowles

It’s an intriguing way of separating the social sphere. For those of us who use social media for conversation but have less time to browse links, this is a good way of tucking those bits and pieces away to return to when there is more time for consumption.

In the end, there is the most completely list of content curation tools.

Next post will be about popular Facebook apps and cheats.


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