5 Best Curation Sources or Why Top B2B Marketers Hate Blogs

No doubt you spend hours to find something valuable across different digital channels to share it with your audience or create your audience in this way. Certainly you use social media pages, groups, blogs for this purpose. We decided to conduct a research in order to find what kind of sources are commonly used by B2B marketers for content curation and which option is more advantageous.

5 Best Curation Sources or Why Top B2B Marketers Hate Blogs

Best Curation Sources Rating

  • LinkedIn personal feeds – 75%

Do you use LinkedIn? If not we strongly recommend to start doing so. There is a simple fact that 97% marketers consider that LinkedIn is the best place for content distribution. No wonder that different experts use their timelines to share great insights and news.

Linkedin marketing

What kind of content do they usually share?

  • Infographics;
  • Useful tips;
  • Motivation;
  • Jokes.

You can use it for creation of your own content as well as for simple sharing. By the way, it’s a great source for self-branding.

  • LinkedIn groups – 65%

Linkedin groups are perfect for content contributing. Thousands of specialists around the world use groups to establish communication with their key audience by participating in various relevant discussions and conversations.

  • Twitter Accounts – 60%

Influencers are great curators and they are a great source of content too. Everyday people like Dave McClure share stories which can surprise the audience and make it interested. It’s related to different areas: venture, technology, marketing. So if you want to do high quality curation, don’t forget about this source.Experts on twitter

  • Blogs – 57%

It’s surprising, but today marketers don’t use RSS as the main source of information. Earlier we could face a situation when in case we want to find something, we have to go to the website. But now everything is social. People don’t read blogs. They read social networks, because there they can find content which is already curated by their friends, colleagues or experts. Usually it’s more relevant and appropriate piece of knowledge.

  • Facebook pages & groups  – 45%

Actually it’s pretty hard to find something valuable across Facebook. Yes, it’s a great network for communication, interaction, rich posts and other things. But it’s more about B2C and consumer market. So it’s not a simple task to use Facebook groups as an authentic source of expert content.

What Has Changed?

Definitely, digital is changing so that curation is changing too. Here are the most valuable insights:

  • Modern curation is about social networks;
  • Modern curation is about real people preferences;
  • Modern curation is about different sources;
  • RSS doesn’t dominate anymore.


As you see we have a pretty clear picture. Marketers prefer to use different social channels to find content. It’s the fastest and the most effective way. Yes, they still use sites and blogs. But the latter no longer dominate. In turn, your goal is to find your special proportion of sources which would be appropriate for your business. Don’t try to copy it, but use it as a strong evidence.

By Idea Parcel Inc. Technology Business Development.