What is LikeHack?

LikeHack is a social news feed reader that brings you only the stories you’re interested in, hand-picked from your social media by people like you, and creates a searchable Favorites library of all the stories you’ve ever liked or shared.

  • Avoid all the clutter and read only the news that interests you from your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds and favorite blogs, with everything conveniently displayed in one place.
  • Easily find all your top content in the Favorites library, which contains all the links you’ve ever liked or shared and is powered by a full-text search tool that also searches content behind the links.

Reclaim your time and enjoy reading content curated just for you more quickly and easily.

Why use LikeHack?

  • If you’re fed up with having to scroll through all the clutter in your social media every day;
  • If you need to stay on top of what’s happening in your industry, what’s trending within your interests and what the gurus are saying;
  • If your time is valuable and you want to do away with “information overload”;
  • If you’d benefit from having a streamlined news feed as opposed to disconnected feeds;
  • LikeHack is not for people who enjoy “social procrastination.”
    LikeHack is designed for those whose time precious but who want to remain in touch with what’s going on in the world.

The LikeHack Difference

It brings you only the stories that interest you, every day, sourced from your social media.

Hand-picked by real people who like the same links from the same websites as you.

With full-text search capability to retrieve any of the stories you’ve seen in your feed, liked or shared.

About the company

LikeHack was founded in September 2012 by Jane Smorodnikova and Michael Kechinov, and is backed by Altair Capital Management.

The alpha version of LikeHack was launched in November 2012, and the beta version in April 2013. In April 2013, LikeHack was accepted to the MIT Acceleration Program in Boston, USA. The company’s main focus is cross-social content curation technology that can be used for content filtering and content personalization in real time. LikeHack harnesses social media and the interests of like-minded people to provide users with valuable content curation.

By forming associations across similar users’ social media accounts, LikeHack is able to provide hand-picked personalization on the go.